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Planning and Design Code - Phase 2

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    Defined Term: AEP
    Description: Means annual exceedance probability

    Defined Term: Agricultural building
    Description: Means a building used wholly or partly for purposes associated with farming, commercial forestry or horticulture, or to support the operations of that use, but is not used wholly or partly for the processing or packaging of commodities.

    Defined Term: AHD
    Description: Means Australian height datum.

    Defined Term: Ancillary accommodation
    Description: Means accommodation that:
    1. is located on the same allotment as an existing dwelling;
    2. contains no more than 2 bedrooms or rooms or areas capable of being used as a bedroom; and
    3. is subordinate to and shares the same utilities of the existing dwelling.

    Defined Term: Animal keeping
    Description: Means the boarding (short or long term), keeping, breeding or training of animals, except horses and/or commercially kept livestock.

    Defined Term: Aquaculture
    Description: Has the same meaning as in the Aquaculture Act 2001.

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